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Few things can measure up to the peace of mind that comes with a relaxing drive down the long rural roads of Franklin. It's an old slice of Americana that can bring you back down to your roots, enjoying the simple things in life. Sometimes you want to experience the simplicity of life behind the wheel of a quality used vehicle—one that's both affordable and accommodating—and that's where Newton Chevrolet of Russellville comes into the picture.

Having an accomplished used Chevy dealer near Franklin, KY, gives you an abundance of options to find the perfect vehicle for navigating southern Kentucky. Maybe you want a quality weekend driver to soak in the sun while moseying down Kummer's painted road. Maybe you need a used work truck to haul and tow cargo and trailers between Bowling Green and Nashville. Whatever your shopping preferences are, we can help you find the perfect pre-owned model here at Newton Chevrolet.

A white 2020 Chevy Suburban is shown driving on a city street after leaving a used Chevy dealer near Franklin, KY.

An Amazing Selection of Used Chevys

When it comes to shopping for a great used Chevy, you want something that works for you, whether that be a vehicle for utility and yard work, something sporty, or something for the family. At Newton Chevrolet, we believe in offering shoppers something for every type of driver. Whether you're looking for a daily driver to run errands, something more specialized for work or recreation, or something tailored for large families, we're all about providing you a choice.

Browse through our selection of subcompact and compact vehicles like the Trax or Trailblazer if you're looking for a good starter vehicle at a low price. These sporty crossover SUVs give you a lot of maneuverability with great gas mileage to boot. For those who need something slightly larger and more family-oriented, the Chevy Equinox and Chevy Blazer provide stylish compact or midsize utility without breaking your wallet. You get reliable and efficient performance from these vehicles without sacrificing appealing design language.

If you need something roomier for many passengers, the Chevy Traverse is a great option from the three-row SUV segment. Likewise, the Chevy Suburban is the ultimate full-size SUV with the best maximum cargo capacity. We carry different sizes of used Chevy SUVs that fit your preferences and your budget. These models have excellent safety ratings and are capable of great feats of strength thanks to their formidable horsepower and high towing capacities.

If you're interested in something more work-related that can also be used for recreation, we have a great selection of used Chevy Colorado and Chevy Silverado models, perfect for trailering, towing, plowing, off-road use, as well as just daily driving. The Colorado is a sturdy and tough midsize pickup, while the Silverado Series includes the perennial favorite light-duty 1500 and the action-craving workhorses of the 2500 HD and 3500 HD. Find a used model that speaks to you, whether it's a basic work truck, a durable off-road trim, or a luxury trim; we have a variety of used Chevy trucks available that will surely appeal to your tastes.

A silver 2023 Chevy Trailblazer is shown parked on the side of a city street.

Figuring Out a Financing Plan for You

Financing is an essential part of owning a vehicle. Not everyone wants to go through the process of getting financing or wants to go through the process of finding a reliable lender to work with—especially if you're unfamiliar with your credit score—but it doesn't have to be as painful as you think. In fact, if you're worried about financing, we can help you figure out the perfect plan that works for you.

Our financing is easy for first-time car shoppers or veteran drivers alike. We have a simple two-step process where you just put in your basic information, and then we will help guide you through finding the right kind of financing options for you. Our dedicated financing team will help you get great rates, terms, and loans on the kind of used Chevys that appeal most to your driving sensibilities and, most importantly, your wallet.

Whether you're eyeing a used car, truck, or SUV, we can help you secure financing for the used Chevy you have set your sights on. Our financial experts work with established lenders to help you secure financing, whether you're looking for a new or used Chevy, regardless of your credit score. So if you're intending to buy a used Chevy, we can get you situated with the right financing plan with percentage rates that respect your budgetary situation.

A black 2022 Chevy Colorado LT is shown from the rear driving on an open road.

Keep Your Vehicle Roadworthy

Buying a vehicle is only the first step in automotive ownership, as maintaining it throughout the years is the more genuine expression of this privilege. In this regard, you need an outlet with a service center that can accommodate both previous-gen vehicles and the latest models on the market. So whatever vehicle you buy, whether it's a recently-used model or one from much further back, you can rest assured that our knowledgeable mechanics will know their way around your vehicle.

At Newton Chevrolet of Russellville, we have a dedicated service center with state-of-the-art technology and certified technicians—so whether you're looking for a daily driver to get to and from the shopping centers at the heart of Franklin or you'll be making longer journeys to the outskirts with a heavy-duty pickup, our technicians can keep your vehicle running like new. We cover everything from basic fluid top-offs and filter swaps to brake kit replacements and engine and transmission inspections. Even better yet, we also handle serious repairs and maintenance for sedans, crossovers, trucks, EVs, and SUVs.

We can provide you with new spark plugs, rotate or swap out the tires, perform wheel alignments, and even do multi-point vehicle inspections for those who need a full tune-up. We cover every aspect of the Chevy maintenance paradigm, and we're proud to be a reliable Chevy dealership that handles all of your service and parts needs. In fact, you can order OEM parts directly from our parts warehouse, and we can install them on your behalf. We can even help you arrange financing for these service center visits if you'd prefer to budget your maintenance in increments.

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